We went to the store. All three of us. It was a big deal.

We had his two month vaccination appointment and, like we have done after doctor appointments before, we went to the store to get Mom and Dad a cookie to make it better. But rather than out usual routine of one of us staying in the car, we decided to carrier-up and see how he did in the real world. As soon as we walked in he got fussy, so Mom turned around to head back to the car; but then, as she got to the doors, he had fallen asleep. So she joined me again, and we did some shopping, baby in tow. We felt like actual parents. 

Since then, we have taken him out to breakfast twice, and made a Target run. He seems to be soothed by the din of crowds, so much so that Mom (sound designer rock star) pondered making a crowd sounds track to put him to sleep. 

Naturally I'm now thinking of unrealistic things like taking him to see the next Pixar film, or going to a concert at Edgefield. With headphones, of course. I'm not a monster. But I'll have to live with going to the store, and having Mom and Mister Man come meet me for lunch now that I'm back at work. Whenever he gets old enough for screen time, I'll introduce him to Pixar slowly, probably starting with WALL-E, then moving on to UP, and Toy Story (just the first one, Zurg might be too scary to introduce Toy Story 2). From there, who knows?

But until then, we'll keep getting him acclimated to being social. Mom has a coffee meeting with a theatre colleague soon, and of course when they do come see me at work, I'll just have to step aside while he's being adored.

So, baby steps. We're not quite at having him in a play pen in a theatre while we tech a show all weekend, but I suspect that's coming sooner than we realize. 

Joan Benoit Samuelson once said "I look at victory as milestones on a very long highway". Considering the highway we're on is years long, I'll take any victory I can.